Anxiety as servant close to the Queen of England tests positive for coronavirus


A ROYAL footman in regular contact with the Queen has tested positive for coronavirus — raising fresh fears for Her Majesty.

The servant, whose duties included walking the monarch’s dogs, has been sent home and is self-isolating in the hope of fighting off the virus.:

The palace worker, whose duties included walking the monarch’s dogs and delivering her meals, was in regular contact with the QueenCredit: Alamy


Dozens of other royal household staff have had home tests for coronavirus although all of them have come back negative.

But there was still concern over how close the 93-year-old Queen has come to those potentially infected with the virus.

One royal insider said last night: “Everyone is terrified, not just for themselves but also for the Queen and the Duke.

“If everyone around them hasn’t been tested yet they should be and I’m sure they will be. There is a palpable sense of fear in the air at the moment.”

Last week, we told how a worker at Buckingham Palace had tested positive for coronavirus while the Queen was there.

She has since moved to Windsor Castle, where she remains in lockdown with husband Prince Philip, 98.

Some Royal Household workers are believed to have been advised to self-isolate as a precaution.

The Queen is now without some close aides as officials act with caution and restrict access to her and Prince Philip.

The footman had worked in his role for several years but was promoted to a role closer to the Queen six months ago.

Duties included taking drinks and meals to the Queen, introducing guests, handing her letters and messages and walking the dogs.

The Queen has lost all of her corgis but still has two dorgis — a corgi and dachshund crossbreed — named Vulcan and Candy.

Our insider added: “The footman would come and collect the dogs and see the Queen on a daily basis performing normal duties

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