Benue COVID-19 Index case, Susan Idoko says I don’t have COVID-19 symptoms, yet quarantined for 58 days


Susan Idoko Lewani

Gov. Samuel Ortom


By Our Reporter

The Benue State COVID-19 index case, Susan Idoko Lewani who was released from isolation centre after 58 days in Isolation said she does not have symptoms of COVID-19, yet was isolated for 58 days

On what led to her being quarantined, she said, she came back from the United Kingdom and went to the hospital to complain of body ache as a result of fatigue occasioned by the long trip but was shocked that after receiving treatment, the doctor requested to carry out a COVID-19 test and came back to tell her she was positive without presenting her with the result.

‘I came from England to Nigeria on March 22, 2020 for my mum’s burial; I was jet lag because I travelled for 25 hours in the last two days and went to the hospital to have myself checked. I was having body pain, the doctor gave me analgesic and I was okay, he said my temperature was high but I told him no, I was jet lag and I’m okay now. The doctor kept me in the hospital until the next day, He said I will have to carry out some tests and I said fine, I’m a law abiding citizen and accepted, he took samples from my nose and throat and came back the next day and said I was positive, I requested for the result of the test, he said it was not in his possession and was only told.

‘My friend who’s also a doctor came and said that Governor Ortom is having a press conference regarding my status as COVID-19 positive and I said to myself without me seeing my result, how could he make my case public without my consent, the press conference was going on same time the doctor revealed my status to me without the result. I felt embarrassed and went upstairs to take my bag, by the time I came downstairs, the hospital had been condoned off by security men with the deputy governor. I was taken to isolation centre for 10 days and then moved to Abuja. Governor Ortom must apologize to me for this, he has stigmatized me with COVID-19 that I don’t have.

‘They gave me report which states that I went to the hospital to complain of running nose and cough. That is not true. The report states that I came into the country on the 28th of February; I came to Nigeria on the 22nd of March and went to the hospital on March 24, 2020

‘I don’t have symptoms of COVID-19, yet I was quarantined for 58 days even if I have COVID-19, is it the World Health Organisation WHO standard to organise a press conference with my name without my consent? They invited psychiatrist doctors to talk to me on the grounds that I’m insane. I’m not insane.  Nobody will come out to say he or she is infected with COVID-19 if they have it on account of my being stigmatized.

‘I went through a lot of trauma and stigmatization, NCDC conducted three tests and did not give me result. I was forcefully quarantined; I did not take any drugs because I don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms

Susan was released from the isolation centre on Wednesday May 20. 2020.



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