Popular Pastor defies religious gatherings, hits by COVID-19




Pastor Jack McMilin of Redwood Valley Assembly of God Church


By Our Reporter

A popular US Pastor, Jack McMilin of Redwood Valley Assembly of God Church, California, USA, has been running from pillar to post to get rid of the deadly coronavirus  after disobeying  President Donald Trump’s order on religious gatherings.

He reportedly  held a Mother’s Day Church service, thereafter, tested  positive for coronavirus and was taken to the hospital after developing pneumonia resulting from coronavirus.

The pastor’s wife, Sharon disclosed McMilin’s diagnosis on Facebook.

Her post read: “I was going to post something in place of pastor sermon today but I’ve been on phone with so many people and health department that I didn’t get it done.

“Just remember God is a big and mighty God, and he’s got us covered, remember Pastor Jack in the hospital with pneumonia from the COVID-19 virus. Thank you for all the prayers!”

On May 10, McMilin held a Mother’s Day service at Redwood Valley Assembly of God church.

He also shared a Facebook post of a woman holding a placard that reads: “Why can we go to Walmart but not Church!?”

McMilin had captioned the photo: “We need to start asking this more often and with greater volume.”



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