Why Lucy Ajayi was  Conferred with the title of “Yeye Meso” of Ado Kingdom


Chief (Mrs.) Lucy Omosefe Ajayi



By Our Reporter

Talk about one woman who’s got the finesse, uncommon wisdom, unblemished character and ability to literally squeeze water out of stone then, Chief (Mrs.) Lucy Omosefe Ajayi, the Chief Executive officer of Lagos International Trade Fair complex, (LITFC) readily comes to mind.

There is no gain saying that this beautiful woman is endowed with so many attributes. She is a lady described by many as a paragon of beauty and brains.

She was months back conferred with the chieftaincy title of Yeye Meso of Ado Kingdom by His Royal Majesty, Oba Lateef Olayinka, the Alado of Ado Kingdom, Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Lagos State and since then tongues have continued to wag on why she was bestowed wirth the title.

National WAVES can tell you for free that that the adorable woman was honoured on account of her philantrophic gesture and unassuming nature.

It was gathered that the traditional ruler in commemorating his 20th anniversary coronation  honoured the elegant woman. The Alado in performing the installation – traditional rites in his palace extolled the virtues of Lucy has distinguished Woman who has impacted on many people and the society, He gave credence to the remarkable developments recorded in the Trade Fair following her assumption of office and the noticeable reforms and turn – around.

She  remarked in her response that the two chieftaincy tittles she received consecutively in a space of five months is a pointer to the fact that people in her constituency value her contributions and spurring her to strive harder.

In her words “Yeye Meso” and the other title I received some months back really have no distinctive difference, they mean the same thing, and the only thing is that I am having two titles now.

Yeye Meso means Beautiful Mother of the Kingdom, which implies you have added more to the kingdom. “In essence, it is the beauty at heart, not physical beauty, when you have impacted so many lives positively and you are a woman then you are Yeye Meso. While thanking God for the honour, Ajayi called on women to be more involved in active politics rather than sing praises of politicians who use and dump them afterwards.

“My concern is for women to take active role in politics, I am already in politics and I would encourage more women to come. “Although, I prefer taking up appointive roles which include the capacity I occupy now because seeking elective positions requires lots of money and other factors that scares me,” she said. She, however, urged women to bring up their children in a Godly way, in spite of their busy schedules. “We should try and bring our children up in the way of the Lord and if you give them a Godly beginning, they would not deviate from it.

“As a woman who is politically- driven, I ensure I sleep late and wake up early, so as to cater for my home. I must not lose this important role as it can either make or mar lives of the future generations,” she said.


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