You have taken Kwarans for granted- NBS boss, Modibbo Ishaq Kawu tells Saraki You have taken Kwarans for granted- NBS boss, Modibbo Ishaq Kawu tells Saraki
Modibbo  Ishaq Kawu,  the director-general of National Broadcasting Commission has lambasted Senate President, Bukola Saraki for allegedly taking the people Kwara State for granted,... You have taken Kwarans for granted- NBS boss, Modibbo Ishaq Kawu tells Saraki

Modibbo  Ishaq Kawu,  the director-general of National Broadcasting Commission has lambasted Senate President, Bukola Saraki for allegedly taking the people Kwara State for granted,  Kawu, who also hailed from Kwara State poured vituperation on Saraki for  the unfortunate killings and enslaving the people of the state

“It is not the “natural” human condition to continuously vote for a kleptocratic hegemony such as Saraki has imposed on our dear Kwara State, Bukola Saraki’s hegemony has been responsible for a systematic underdevelopment of Kwara; the entrenchment of a pattern of cult killings and blood letting that’s unique.

“And over a three year period, 2010, 2011, and 2013, tens of people were killed in stampede in front of the offices and residence of the Saraki. Even the Offa “robbery” where 33 people died was far more like their pattern of ritual killings than robbery!

“How much money do they have in Offa banks that 33 people had to be killed? These are questions people ask in Kwara. Hopefully the incredibly arrogant Bukola Saraki, whose family has no Asali whatsoever, has finally arrived at a denouement! Nothing lasts forever; not a kleptocratic hegemony; not an oppressive domination of a state by a family, which really isn’t even from our state!” Mr Kawu said in a WhatsApp group dominated by Northern Editors and intellectuals.

He also blamed Saraki’s alleged wrongdoings on his ancestry which he said was questionable.

“That’s why he doesn’t share the values of our community; looks down at our people and carries himself with so much contempt! Even his names tell anyone who knows Ilorin that this is an “alien” individual. His full names are OLUBUKOLA OLABOWALE ADEBISI These are not names an Ilorin person would normally be called. And he didn’t have a Muslim name until he wanted to run for governor in 2002-2003! They first named him Muktar after his grandfather and that was then dropped for Abubakar, the name his father was also “borrowed” in Ilorin. These are the facts!” Kawu said

All attempts to make Saraki’s spokesperson, Yusuf Olaniyonu react failed as he declined comments on Kawu’s claims, including the part about using Offa Robbery death for ritual, saying he was not appointed to comment on everything about his principal

But there are those who believe that Kawu is peeved as a result of Saraki’s defection (with some lawmakers from the ruling All Progressive Congress to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

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  • Tunde Babalola

    August 6, 2018 #1 Author

    Modibbo just spoke my mind. I have said it repeatedly that this boy caļled Bukola does not share in our common values. He is an interloper who has penchant for amassing wealth that he does not need, building houses that he will not leave in. Like his father, he has succeeded in insulting our collective intelligence by deriding our ego and value system to a point discreditly abysmal and atrocious. Unfortunately for him, he felt arrogantly well disposed to create an offset for Buhari in 2019, alas!!! he was wrong in his calculations. His decision to defect to PDP with his stooges,just created an opportunity for him to destroy the age long hegemony, created by the family. Like a drowning man, he is ready to hang onto a serpent.!! Adieu Bukky!!


  • Tunde Babalola

    August 6, 2018 #2 Author

    You just spoke the mind of the kwara people. Kudos my brother.


  • Abubakar Isah Hassan

    August 7, 2018 #3 Author

    Salam my dear brother, longest time , it’s been long we’ve not been able to see that’s life anyway. I write in support of this factual write up. It is unfortunate that the kwarans have allows some beasts of no nation to take over the destiny of many innocent people all in the name of respect for the so called oloye. The time as come for them to regain their freedom if they so wished. All hopes should be to Allah SWT and not some criminals.


  • Ikeoluwa Ibironke

    August 7, 2018 #4 Author

    Glories nd adorations to Almighty Allah for HIS blessings after a long time. Nothing is permanent, not even the life itself. We have prayed and still praying for Kawu. All we can called “Elites” in Kwara State are dancing to Saraki music as if nobody exist in Kwara except him. Those who can not worship him as demigods get fired from the system, those pitching tent with him were once former this nd that either at Federal, State or Local council. Nothing, I said nothing is working in Kwara State as at now. Why? Their “LEADER” must give them supreme permission including the State Governor as to what nd what not to do with Kwara State Federal Allocations. Arrears of salaries galore including gratuities nd pensions. Habaa, kilode. My Dearest Brother, I salute your courage, adore you nd appreciate you lots. Kudos, greatest height Man Sha ALLAH


  • Ikeoluwa Ibironke Afolabi

    August 18, 2018 #5 Author

    Your comment: Thank you so much my Brother. Your coming on board at this crucial period is a blessing to Kwara State nd Kwarans at large. I don’t know how nd where to start, I believed you will reasons with me because many Progressive Minded peoples in Kwara especially Ilorin communities, West, South, East nd North are terribly affected except for the gullible few individuals that benefited from the crunch of the Looters nd Excecuthieves. People like me have lost hope until I read through your write up under nationalwaves-ng. The so “Leader” by his slaves has turned Kwarans – Ilorin precisely to abject poverty that the moment you step on Ilorin soil, you smell the poverty. I will appreciate if we can have more like minds to come to our aids. Almighty ALLAH’S Rahma nd protection on your life and like minded people will never seized. Man Sha ALLAH Biqudratih. Ameen Biqudratilah


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