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By Michael Adenekan

What differentiates a rich man from a poor man is his doggedness, perseverance,, focus, unrelenting desire to succeed, and change is status is what keeps him up at night.

By the foregoing, the present situation we find ourselves in our nation keeps me up at night, the imagination of what could be and what should have been.

A committed and fair government, supremacy of the Law ,check and balances, ,transparency in government, true and fair elections, government by the people, of the people and for the people, accountability…..inspired and motivated me to do this write up.


I might not know everything that happened in the past but what I know for sure is that i personally blame the previous generation.

Things were bad back in the 60’s,70’s,80’s, they could have fought and stood their ground, but based on the obvious and unfortunate fact of current events within and around our government for a fact that they(the previous generation/movement) failed.

 A man with a dream represents a voice(a voice for example represents a leaf) and if a group of people/community shares the same  dream, a leaf becomes a branch and if these set of people become hundreds, thousands they are just like a tree which it’s root is not firm and deep(I say this because Nigerians unfortunately are set of people that are easily intimidated, Nigerians can adjust to any situation, we are easily terrified and we get comfortable being uncomfortable…) and for these reasons, previous movement/voices were silenced..

For us to make government live up to its by its responsibilities, we have to speak with one voice. You don’t have to be poor for you to want government live up to its responsibilities. You might have a rich background whereby you have everything you ever needed but don’t think about now, think about tomorrow, the future, think about your children, think about the generation to come, they don’t have to experience what we are all experiencing, we are not getting the desired social amenities, so let sacrifice our today for the greater good of all.


Please we are appealing to government to do more in terms of giving us the desired dividends of democracy. Although, the Buhari administration has put some infrastructural projects in place, the government can do more.

We should all stand up for justice, people with influence, vision, dignity, honour, and loyalty to the Nigerian people should contribute their quota to the uplift of the nation..

I believe in a better tomorrow for all Nigerians, where Nigeria will flourish  and all will be equal in the eyes of the Law.

Some people don’t want this dream to come true because they are corrupt and drunk with power, I tell you unless you change you will be changed.


Michael Adenekan wrote in from Lagos


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