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Cadbury Chairman, Peter Atedo Resigns


Peterside Atedo     


By Our Reporter

Peterside Atedo has resigned his appointment as Chairman of Cadbury Nigeria Plc.

He took the decision to “concentrate on other challenges” after ten years on the position.

In a letter to Directors of the firm dated June 29th, Atedo said his resignation will also allow for injection of new blood into the system for greater profitability.

The letter reads: “You will recall that I first broached the subject of resigning from my Cadbury Nigeria Plc (Cadbury) chairmanship position a few weeks ago.

“Whilst thanking you all for your continued support and understanding, I firmly believe that the end of this half year i.e. 30 June, 2020, should mark my last day because it is also an almost natural point of transition. We successfully held our 55th Annual General Meeting last week and our Managing Director

“The Company is on a profitability path that can be sustained if normal trading conditions are allowed to prevail.

“The Board of Cadbury is well endowed and my departure from the Board also enables the Company to inject a new independent director into the fold. The periodic injection of “new blood” is good for the system especially when further diversity is achieved in the process viz geography, demography and the injection of new and varied skill sets.

“I have spent 10 years as Chairman of Cadbury and I believe this is the right time for me to move on to concentrate on other challenges.

“I wish the Board, management and staff all the best in your future endeavours and also extend my regards to the majority shareholder, the minority shareholders, the distributors and all other stakeholders.

“May the good Lord continue to bless you all.




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