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Digitalization of Jigawa Broadcasting Corporation… Another Landmark Achievement by Gov. Sule Lamido… The Pinnacle Communications’ magic wand

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Come May 31, 2014, Jigawa State will join the league of states that have switched over from analogue to digital broadcast radio and television in compliance with the 2015 target deadline. The sophisticated digitalized broadcasting stations which many indigenes of the state have described as one of the most outstanding achievements of the governor, will be commissioned by Governor Sule Lamido amid fanfare and panache.

To this end, Pinnacle Communications Limited, owned by trustworthy and debonair businessman, Sir Lucky Omoluwa and saddled with the responsibility of installing and maintaining the broadcast equipment is putting finishing touches to ensure the TV and radio are ready for commissioning. It is a statement of fact to say digitalization is a technological innovation primed to change the scope of television and radio broadcasting.

National WAVES investigations reveal that activities are on the increasing flurry across the world by authorities in countries vested with matters of broadcasting, particularly television (TV) broadcasting, as global efforts centre on changing analog to digital television with intent of reaping the gains that the relatively new technology makes possible. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has set June 17, 2015 as deadline for digitalization to go global. It is also on record that the ITU, a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for information and communication technology issues, works to improve telecommunication infrastructure especially in the developing world, and assists in the development and coordination of worldwide technical standards.

Governor Sule Lamido who is reputed for his sagacity and ability to deliver on his campaign promises in executing peoples oriented project, has put in place machinery to ensure that the Jigawa State Broadcasting Corporation (Jigawa Television and FM Andaza 93.5) is rated high above all other states and he has not left any stone unturned in this regards.

It is worthy to note that digital broadcasting is superior to analog broadcasting in many ways. For instance, when National WAVES team visited Dutse recently and watched the test transmission of the Jigawa TV, it saw clarity of signals and pictures that can compete favourably well with cable channels. The digital equipment installed by Pinnacle Communication Limited will make it possible for television sets to perform the tasks of computers and telephone handsets, TV sets would be able to store data from received audio and visual signals, thereby reducing the transient nature of the broadcast media. For broadcasters who will operate from the Jigawa Broadcasting Corporation, the digital broadcasting equipment that were installed by Pinnacle Communications will enable the simultaneous transmission of a number of programmes through different channels from the same station which previously, in analog system, transmitted only one programme or channel. Pinnacle has successfully installed state-of-the-art digital broadcast equipment in some other states namely Imo, Taraba, Plateau, Ekiti, Adamawa and Nasarawa and the people of the states have been unanimous in their verdict. They have all scored Pinnacle above average.

It is also not out of place to say Digital television (DTV) technology is noted for being more flexible and efficient than the analog system. The switch to digital broadcasting is trusted to allow television stations to offer crystal-clear pictures and sound, as well as more channels and programmes at the same time, a vital benefit termed multicasting.

The inference that is drawn from this project is that the people of Jigawa are unequivocal in applauding the project that is being executed by the highly focused governor. Not only that, Gov Lamido has continued to receive loud ovation from stakeholders.

Without mincing words, it is generally agreed that Governor Sule Lamido has achieved an unequalled record of success as regards the digitalization of the Jigawa Broadcasting Corporation.

-Jimmy Enyeh



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