How Lucky Omoluwa became a golf aficionado


Sir Lucky Omoluwa is a man who does not dance to the rhythm of mass hysteria. He is literally a phantom of delight; like a moment’s apparition poised to become uno numero golf lover and sponsor.

Although he is reputed to be one entrepreneur who is carving a niche in the business sector, not many know that Omoluwa has voracious love for golf. It is an incontrovertible fact that he loves golf with a passion, so enthralled with golf that Omoluwa emerged the youngest member of board of trustees of IBB International Golf and Country Club, Abuja which has General IBM Haruna as chairman, Board of Trustees.

Omoluwa who hobnobs with the powers that be on account of his   humility, tact, sophistication and godly traits started playing the game of golf at the early stage of life. He started as a professional golfer between 1969 and 1970 at the Ikoyi Golf Club. From 1970 to 1985 he was at Kaduna Golf Club as a professional golfer and was saddled with supervision and operations including teaching and training.

While in Kaduna, he ensured he made the game popular. Golf which was hitherto the pastimes of few rich and famous people was embraced by many people in the state. He changed the trend by advising military officers to take to golf. He also checkmated the bureaucracy encountered in importing golf equipment by encouraging Dunlop to flood the state with golf equipment at an affordable price. In fact, he ensured a 38 per cent discount from every set purchased by golfers.

He was also instrumental to the construction of three military courses namely: Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, the one inside the vast territory of the Command and Staff College and the Minna Cantonment Golf Club.

His company, Pinnacle Communications has sponsored so many golf competitions, chief among them are the annual Pinnacle Golf Tournament, which holds at IBB Golf Course Abuja, and KADINVEST Pinnacle Communications Pro-Am Golf Tournament,which holds at Kaduna Golf Club (KGC).

-Jimmy Enyeh


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