Our Twitter Account was Suspended As a Standard Safety Measure- NCC


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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has explained that its Twitter account was only temporarily suspended as a standard safety measure, and not because it violated Twitter rules. This comes after the account was finally restored after being inactive for nearly 24 hours.

According to a statement by NCC Director of Public Affairs, Dr Ikechukwu Adinde, Twitter’s decision to temporarily suspend the account was to ensure the safety of the commission and its thousands of followers after what was misinterpreted as a suspected attempt to hack the account.

“Twitter’s security features had interpreted the multiple Online staff Internet Protocol (IP) logins as a suspected attempt to hack the Commission’s Twitter account, hence the decision to immediately suspend the account to protect the account and its followers from any security breaches or compromises.”

The Director said the NCC had filed an appeal with Twitter demanding the restoration of its account after explaining the circumstances behind the multiple login attempts.



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