OPEC Sec-Gen, Sanusi Bakindo Presents Kachikwu’s Book ‘Nigerian Petroleum Industry: 2015 to the Future’


Mohammed Sanusi Bakindo


By Our Reporter

The Secretary General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Mohammed Sanusi Bakindo last Thursday, February 4, 2021 presented a book written by the former Minister of State, Petroleum Resources and former Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu titled, ‘Nigerian Petroleum Industry: 2015 to the future.’

The OPEC Secretary General extolled the virtues of Dr Ibe Kachickwu during the virtual meeting address

‘I have known and worked with Dr Emmanuel Kachikwu and it is a source of tremendous pride that we have developed a very close comradeship. He is the personification of the best aspects of public service: a patriot, immensely knowledgeable about our industry and a dedicated champion of our great country Nigeria’.

‘During his tenure as Minister and Head of Nigeria’s Delegation to OPEC, the Organization was in the midst of a transformative period. As President of the OPEC Conference in 2015, he played a significant role in laying the groundwork that would eventually culminate in the signing of the historic ‘Declaration of Cooperation’ (DoC) on 10 December 2016. This monumental endeavor ensures that OPEC works in close coordination with 10 non-OPEC producing countries to take collective action in pursuit of oil market stability’.

‘Dr Kachikwu was adept at developing positive relationships with Ministers from OPEC Member Countries and our non-OPEC partners. He played an important role in showcasing Nigeria’s commitment to the ‘DoC’ process and rallying other nations to continue to support it. In March 2019, Nigeria joined the monitoring body, the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee. I recall the plaudits to Dr Kachikwu for this momentous occasion, when he was widely praised as a ‘scholar and a gentleman.’ His diplomatic skill and extensive knowledge of the oil industry were apparent for all to see, especially as my able campaign manager in the run-up to the election of the Secretary General of OPEC in 2016’ . Sanusi Bakindo said



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