Shocking! Housewife Stabs 6-Year-Old Girl Over Flimsy Excuse


Illustration of a person stabbing another


By Our Reporter

What many have tagged a babaric act literally reared its head at Gadon Kaya Damatsiri in the Gwale Local Government Area of Kano State, as a housewife, simply identified as Fatima Malam, stabbed a 6-year-old girl, Sharifat Usman, in the stomach multiple times leaving her with wounds.

Fatima reportedly stabbed Usman because her father advised her husband to “marry a second wife”.

She got annoyed when she learnt that her husband’s friend, who is Sherifat’s father, had been ‘pressurising’ her husband to marry a second wife.

Gathered that Fatima lured Usman to accompany her to the Mariri area in the Kumbotso Local Government Area of the state, where she stabbed her.

“On their way to Mariri, Fatima bought a kitchen knife on credit. She took Sherifat to an uncompleted building where she stabbed her several times in the stomach with the sole intention to kill her.

“Fatima wanted to kill Sherifat in vengeance because she felt her (Sherifat’s) father was the one instigating her husband to get a second wife.

“Fatima has been acting strange in recent times. Some weeks ago, she brought out a pestle one evening, threatening that she would kill somebody if her husband eventually takes another wife,” squealed a reliable source.

It was learnt that after stabbing Usman, Fatima hurriedly left the scene, believing that the little girl was dead. The girl’s cry, however, attracted passers-by who rescued her.

The spokesperson for the Kano state police command, Abdullahi Haruna, confirmed the incident to journalists on Wednesday.


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