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Handsome Udom Emmanuel, the erstwhile Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government is one man that is reliable, dependable, modest, result oriented and can be trusted. He is also one bloke who knows the nitty gritty of governance in Akwa Ibom State. It is on account of this that Governor Godswill Akpabio resolved to hand over the mantle of leadership to him.

He was the first secretary to the state Government to build a huge financial autonomy for the state government through his industrialization programme.

He was the first SSG to attract over four mega industries international recognition and standard to Akwa Ibom state within a year in office. He was the first secretary to Akwa Ibom to adequately update the economy of the state for efficient productivity. He is a proficient leader with good qualities and his numerous achievements, good deeds, and he is delightful sophisticated yet simple..

Udom’s tenure was the first time it was happening in the history of Akwa Ibom state in having a world renowned financial expert and industrialist as the secretary to the state Government who has conveyed restructure in the administrative strategy of government by means of his time tested knowledge or experience obtained in private sector. Also he was the first SSG that earned the trust, confidence, respect, and admiration of the controllers of world economy.

Udom Emmanuel was undeniably the first SSG devoted with zeal, staunchness, dedication, perseverance and sincerity of purpose for actualization of Akwa Ibom industrial revolution and unbundle the civil services driven economy state which will soon transform Akwa Ibom to hub African. He is a creative thinker who saw beyond the obvious options and created a vision for the well being of Akwa Ibom people and the state economy growth like never before. It is a statement of fact to state   that he was the first SSG to work with state Government and conjoined his state to global economy within a short period of time. He does not blow his own trumpet or being boastful of his laurels industrially in the state within a period of a year and few months in the office. Akwa Ibom can boast of working power plant that will supply to the hydro power stations for constant power.

In next to no time, industries will   flow all parts of the state courtesy of hardworking, unswerving and unflagging former SSG. The petrochemical and methanol plants (PMP) construction is on going, the PECO industry produces all kinds and brands of electronics has already started production, the fertilizer production plants is in progress, ground breaking for the project construction will begin soon. When this is inaugurated, Akwa Ibom people will be gainfully employed because thousands of jobs will be created through public private partnership between the state government and the investors(private sector). Currently, 14 industries have been attracted to state, though most of them have not commenced full operation yet. But they are at different and innumerable stages of sitting or about to get clearance to come to Akwa Ibom.

Mr. Udom Emmanuel who is very conversant and proficient in the area of industrialization and investment, he worked with the investors around global and offer them financial supports and advice to propagate and uphold their investment. He is one of the famous financial cum investment experts that have earned the trust, reliability; confidence and respect of investors all round the world.

Udom Emmanuel has lots of industrial experiences, potentials and brighter prospects that can unbridle rapid development to state, for Akwa Ibom people to tap from and better their lives. He is well positioned with needed connections among prominent people and controllers of the world economy. This is not the time for politics of ethnicity or disruptiveness, it is the time to face truths and ensure actualization of the dreams of Akwa Ibom founding father in making sure that industrialization come to stay in Akwa Ibom state which had been desires and aspiration of founding fathers.

This is a period for all Akwa Ibomities to come together to make a decision for their prospects towards the ongoing transformation or to go back to old days of penury or impecuniosity in the midst of plenty and underdevelopment. This decision should not be based on any sentiment or ethnic bias; it should be based on the general interest and prosperity of Akwa Ibom state and her people. Patriotism and total loyalty to the state must surpass any peculiar or sectional pursuit, in making decision, self – importance and egotism must be buried to allow real development of the state manifest.

To make a nationalist decision that will interchange the state in 2015, Akwa Ibom must contemplate and resolve for the very best that will give state excellence and satisfying governance. Undoubtedly, Mr. Emmanuel has proved beyond doubt to be the very best who is dedicated to the industrial revolution of his state based on his proficiency and capacity to deliver eminence developments. All other patriotic Akwa Ibomites who will tender their ambitions for the continued evolvement and development of this state must join Udom Emmanuel to move the state forward in the direction of this evolvement or progress.

The very first time Akwa Ibom state was fortunate to have action secretary to government who is devoted to work in synergy with the governor, leaving personal ambition to bring about industrial revolution of Akwa Ibom. Udom Emmanuel is a man who believes in actions to achieve his aim, this shows his dedication for development.

He is preemptive within a year and some months as SSG and achieved many positive and substantial goals which are evidence in the location of industries like petrochemical and methanol plant at Esit Eket, the PECO electronic industry. The fertilizer plants that are coming on the way and many others.

It is not out of place to say that the former SSG has proved to his critics in Akwa Ibom state that he is indeed a man of his words, few months ago during the time of sensitization seminar organized by Bureau of Political and Legislative Affairs, he made promise to the youths in his state that he will give them petrochemical industry in Akwa Ibom when he addressed the group of youths that attended the seminar not long ago, which has come to reality today.

Udom Emmanuel is a man who is determined to actualize his vision for the well-being of Akwa- Ibom people. Both his opponent and critics can’t condemn his good antecedents, capacity and proficient to magnetize real industrialization in transforming the state within a short period of time.

Political analysts are of the view that for the transformation agenda to continue, the people of Akwa Ibom State should vote enmasse for Udom.



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