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The 25 Most Valuable Soccer Players In The World… What they worth Revealed

The player valuations were made by a model that takes into account “age, length of contract remaining, position, player performance at club level for last and previous seasons (matches, minutes, goals, assists, passes, tackles, interceptions, etc.), results of the clubs to which players belong, as well as players’ international experience and results of association represented at national A-team level.”

When a player switches teams in soccer, the club buying him pays the selling team a transfer fee. This Football Observatory study estimates that transfer fee for each player.

Some observations:

Lionel Messi, who’s

Nearly every player in the top-25 could be described as an attacking player (23 out of 25, with Sergio Busquets and probably Paul Pogba as the lone exceptions).

Eleven of the top-25 players play in the English Premier League, eight play in Spain, two play in France, two play in Germany, and two play in Italy.

The youngest player (Raheem Sterling) is 19 years old. The oldest (Andres Iniesta) is 30.

Here’s the top 25 (club and national team in parenthesis):

  1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Argentina) — $272-317 million
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, Portugal) — $144-167 million
  3. Luis Suarez (Liverpool, Uruguay) — $134-156 million
  4. Eden Hazard (Chelsea, Belgium) — $103-120 million
  5. Neymar (Barcelona, Brazil) — $86-99 million
  6. Paul Pogba (Juventus, France) — $83-96 million
  7. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid, Wales) — $80-92 million
  8. Mesut Ozil (Arsenal, Germany) — $67-78 million
  9. Edinson Cavani (PSG, Uruguay) — $65-76 million
  10. Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich, Germany) — $64-74 million
  11. Diego Costa (Atletico Madrid, Spain) — $64-74 million
  12. Oscar (Chelsea, Brazil) — $63-$72 million
  13. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City, Argentina) — $62-72 million
  14. Isco (Real Madrid, Spain) — $56-65 million
  15. Raheem Sterling (Liverpool, England) — $53-61 million
  16. Ross Barkley (Everton, England) — $50-58 million
  17. Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich, Germany) — $50-$58 million
  18. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United, England) — $50-58 million
  19. Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool, England) — $50-58 million
  20. Andres Iniesta (Barcelona, Spain) — $50-58 million
  21. Mario Balotelli (AC Milan, Italy) — $48-56 million
  22. Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea, Belgium) — $48-56 million
  23. Juan Mata (Manchester United, Spain) — $47-54 million
  24. Sergio Busquets (Barcelona, Spain) — $47-54 million
  25. James Rodriguez (Monaco, Colombia) — $47-54 million


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